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Obama Repeals ObamaCare

Obama Repeals ObamaCare

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

111213: If You Bless Them, They Will Come

Have you ever wondered where all the movers and shakers are and why is it they are not moving and shaking in your direction?

The problem with certain blessing technologies is not in the theory, but the implementation.  Sure, you could sit trapped at the bottom of the well and think positively about being rescued as many who have tried that strategy in similar situation have found out to their regret, either it doesn't work at all, or it doesn't work well, or it almost always takes a really, really long time work.  Most of us live for less than 100 years, we generally don't have a really, really long time for anything.

In reality, you are going to have to shoot up a flare, throw some rocks up out of the hole, or actually try to climb yourself.  You might even have to feel around in the dark for something to help you scrape footholds in the walls to help you climb out.

The moral of the story is that you have to give something to get something.  To bet a blessing, you have to be blessing.

The Secret or the power of positive think, or art of reinforcing self talk, all of it eventually requires that you interact with other human beings to get the changes in your life that you desire.

Most people are not attracted to leeches and parasites.   If it seems to most people that you are one of the legion of annoying salesmen trying to get them to buy stuff that either does nothing or does the opposite of what you claim,  they won't want to know you.

You need to be a person of value and substance in order for the average person to find you attractive in some way.  Since we cannot all be born rich or beautiful, it is lucky for us that there are still ways to make what we are or what we represent attractive to others.

Most normal people react positively to praise and positive reinforcement.  This is particular true if you reserve your praise for something they have anxieties about or something that is really important to them.

The Secret Seeker, the Secret Lover, the positive thinker, and positive self talker,  are all lucky in that they have a built in way to lift up other and improve their own lives.  Find a blog or website of someone who believes as you do and praise it, recommend it, and bookmark it.  Try to find and praise one stranger who thinks as you do on the Internet every day.

On November 12 2013, try to find and praise at least 100 Secret Seekers.  If a million of us encourage spiritual awakening and renewal on 11/12/13 then we will own that day.  We will be the top story in the news cycle.  For day negativity will not reign.

What is missing in the lives of some who practice the art is the action step.  We do not need to always be trying to drag someone over the finish line.  There are enough of us already to encourage and improve the lives of one another.  On the Internet, a million views will make almost any website successful.  Surely there are a million or more of us...

Let blessings reign.  Let blessings rain.

Showered with blessings.

Be a blessing everywhere you go and you will be blessed also.

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